Monday, April 21, 2008

3 Years and a total surprise

I just have a minute to post as we are headed out the door and will not be back home until late. Today is somewhat of a sad day in our adoption wait. We have officially hit the 3 years of waiting mark. Three years ago today we very nervously called to request permission to adopt our then baby Lovenie. What a ride it's been!

Last night we went to Disneyland and encountered a huge surprise that left me nearly speachless and very excited. Since we have to run the story about what happened will just have to wait. ;)

Have a great day!


ange said...

creap! You can't do that!!! Ok, but Josiane's bmom is going in on Wednesday morning....... please pray
let me know about the surprise!

Ericka said...

Angela, I can't wait to hear the story, on the other hand, I'm so sorry. Three years is absolute pure torture.
I know, I know, not very biblical, but it just stinks and I truly think God would understand the sentiment - and maybe even agree ;)
Love and hugs,

Beka said...

Hey, you did wake up! Now, the suspense is killing me, my friend!

One Crowded House said...

oh that's just MEAN.... you better say what the surprise is as soon as you have a chance!

Renee said...

Waiting patiently!!;)