Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dead Fish

So Kyle taught us a new game called Dead Fish. I've gotta tell ya... Mama REALLY likes this game! The boys lay on the floor without moving or making any sound (can you figure out why I like it?). Jim and I are judges and walk around seeing if anyone moves and then they are disqualified. Johnny proves he IS capable of being still and quiet even if he never does it.
Kyle is an excellent dead fish

Yep, there is no hope for Luke to ever win this game!!!

The boys were all doing a great job until the judge (Jim) made the boys burst into laughter when he said in his best Pirates of the Caribbean impression "Dead fish tell no tails".

We've been so busy getting ready for the move that I have not done much posting so here is what's going on around here:
The last POD was loaded yesterday, yippee!!! It looks like we will be able to move into the new house on the 30th (instead of 1st) so we will not likely have a homeless night in between. ;)

Jim is not working tomorrow and we finally got the appointment referral letter for our fingerprinting. We will also be Fed Ex'ing our paperwork to Haiti for the kids' visas.

We have been so busy getting stuff done that we are ready to have a little fun. You know what that means~ Disneyland! We've always wanted to go really late on a Sunday night because the park is nearly empty (especially in the kids rides). The plan is to leave here in a little while and for the first time get really great seats for the Fantasmic show (way cool!) and then hit ride after ride until midnight while hoping that everyone else wimps out and we find ourselves without any lines. Please don't call us early tomorrow morning... We will be sleeping in!

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