Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Ah the joys of living with a son with mild autism. No, seriously... he's such a joy! He says the most off the wall things and does it with the funniest faces. He really cracks us up. Unfortunately autism has a repetitive and sometimes annoying side. Johnny goes through phases that he says the same thing over and over again. One of my favorites was his phase that to everything we asked him he would answer with an exaggerated tone and say "I have COMPLETE no idea!" This one has given us many laughs and although he has moved on from it Jim and I still jokingly say it about things. Now he has moved onto asking us "Really?" to EVERYTHING we say.

Us~ "It's time to eat."
Johnny~ "Really?"
Me~ "Johnny you forgot to put away your dishes."
Johnny "Really?".

On and on this goes. It totally amuses me. I laugh in my head right now at it as I think of how much his response echo's exactly how I feel. I feel like saying to God "Really?" to everything happening in our lives. Some of the things we are experiencing seems so surreal because you never really think you will find yourself in this place. I've found myself asking Jim "Is this really happening?" "Is this really our life right now?"

A little ode today to the word REALLY!

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