Monday, April 20, 2009

Pizza Parlor Hoppin'

Have you ever just really craved something specific and nothing else will do? This happened on Saturday night when I just had my heart, and stomach, set on a gooey pizza from a new favorite pizza place. We tried to call and have delivery but no one would answer the phone. Whew, they are usually very busy but not so much that they don't answer the phone. We were not to be detoured so we jumped in the car to head to the pizza parlor. When we got there we found that the electricity was out. BUMMED we drove away and found another pizza joint we had not tried before. Reluctantly we went ahead and ordered. The pizza was sad, oh so very sad. While at that pizza place we called the other place and learned that they were open again so we placed our order and finished up our very sad pizza and off we went to the parlor we really wanted. Going from one pizza place to another was a first for us but BOY was it worth it!

It has been H~O~T here. Saturday we had our first swim day of the season. Our new pool is heated just right and was wonderful. Sunday we returned for round two of splashy fun. Also on Sunday Jim's brother came over and helped us build some storage crates in our back yard. Our kids just LOVE their Uncle Matt. The boys and I helped a little and then left Jim and Matt to the hard, hot labor while we ran off to the pool. Three cheers for our heroes Jim and Matt!!!

Lovenie goes through phases at the pool~
Phase 1~ Sassy, silly, and on the move

Phase 2~ Fading fast

Phase 3~ ZZZZZZZ

Tomorrow is a very BIG day for a certain little darling girl. Details tomorrow!

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