Monday, April 27, 2009

More Changes Then A Newborn Baby

At least that is what things seem like around here. Yesterday we learned that Stephanie's host family is having a very big change in their family too and can no longer keep Stephanie with them. We have been given one months notice to find alternative plans. Today I sent a bio and photo of her to an organization that helps connect families with a child for adoption and families looking to adopt. With Stephanie's age and issues she certainly is not an easy placement but we continue to hold out hope that there has to be a family somewhere out there that will give Stephanie the chance that she needs.

Today I went to pick up Lovenie from preschool and our car would not start. Problem is... I let some of our children stay home while I went to pick her up. It was the first time I let them stay while I went to get her so wouldn't ya know this would happen? It seems that our car key and our ignition are no longer friendly. It is now 6 hours later and we are still working on it. Poor Jim had to come rescue me and Lovenie so we could get back to the boys and now will be at work until late making up for lost time.

Please continue praying for Stephanie, passing on the info about adopting her, and sending me any ideas you might have!

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Mr Nice Guy said...

I hope you got your ignition problem fixed. I had similar problem a year ago – not fun. Sorry we couldn’t have hung around an extra day to help (got home at 11… better than expected).

We will be praying for Stephanie.