Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boys Night/Girls Night Out

Fierce Pirate Jude
Friday was dress like a pirate day at Jude's school followed by a boys night out pirate party. Since I'm still among the "girls" I was uninvited. ;) Jim rounded up our four boys and they headed out for their first boys only outing. They had such a great time at the party!
Lovenie and I couldn't just sit around at home while the boys were out having their fun so the two of us headed out for our own special girls night. We went out to eat and then shopping. Lovenie was just so darling and enjoyable.
Sometimes in the craziness of life it is so easy to lose sight of what a joy our children are. Last night I was helping Jude with his homework when it spiralled into some sort of silly conversation which then spiralled into serious and heartfelt talks. He made me laugh, he made me nearly cry, you name it! What was sweet was just listening to him and marveling at how amazing he is. It's nice to shove aside the busyness and just "SEE" these great kids. Hopefully this will lead to many more boys/girls nights out and remind me to slow down and enjoy these little treasures in our home.

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