Monday, April 13, 2009

First Easter In America

We couldn't ask for a more beautiful first Easter with our children!

Below is a photo of the baskets and gifts we put together for our kids and nephews. Instead of Easter Eggs we made resurrection gifts with tissue paper and ribbons. Not because we are so very creative and clever, but because we are the definition of procrastination and all plastic Easter eggs had been sold out of the stores by the time we went looking for them. The eggs would certainly be easier but the resurrection gifts (as we named them) are just beautiful. Maybe it will be a new tradition?

Bring on the kids!
The gifts were met with much glee.

Lovenie receives her first ever bible

After gifts it was time to scramble around and get everyone ready for church. Our service was held outdoors in a park. Jim and I sat in lawn chairs while our children laid out in the sun in front of us. It was a sweet time.

Followed by a picnic and egg hunt`

Jude enjoyed his first Easter egg hunt. He excitedly showed me his huge full bag. I reminded him to make sure that the littler kids found them too. He went back and gave away nearly every single one of his eggs to little kids. So sweet! Then later when Luke's bag tore open Jude offered him his.

Searching for reserrection gifts at home~

After church we returned home for a super great celebration with Jim's sister and family. It is so great living near them now and it was fun to be spend the evening with them. It made it all the more special for our family.

Our handsome and sweet nephews are so fun to be with. One of them even collected the resurrection gifts for Lovenie while she napped.

Lovenie ends out the night with some sass.
I had a long phone chat with Stephanie on Saturday night. Her foster parents had taken her to a dramatic Easter play. She loved it so much that they found friends to take her back to it a second time in the same day. I had gone by the group home to see her and leave her a gift but she was away at the play. Knowing the family that she spent her first American Easter with, I am certain she had a very special one! It was strange to not be able to include her on our family celebration but this is just the kind of thing we will have to get used to.
Overall, a really memorable and fantastic day!


Amanda said...

Everyone looks smooooth :~)

Glad you had a glorious day!

The Haiti Lady said...

Wonderful. Everyone looks good-Dr. B will give ya heck for Jude's hair though..hehe...Lovenie looks so sassy-not at all like her..hehe NOT!
Love ya,

Amy Brownell said...

What a beautiful bunch! It sure makes my heart happy to see your kids. Stephanie's absence is bittersweet. Love to all of you!

Vicki Jean said...

Hi Angela,
It's been a while. We first met online through each other's blog sites. I was living in Haiti as a house mother for eleven children. I have been back in Texas since Dec. 10th of 2007. I still miss them very, very much. I just wanted to know what your current email address was. I have written several times and it kept coming back. Haven't tried since you got out of the hotel situation. Your kids look great and beautiful as ever! Still love reading your blogs. Hope to hear from you. I will keep your family in my prayers. Love, Vicki Jean