Sunday, November 30, 2008

"It BETTER be raining!!!!"

I have not yet managed to download vacation photos to share so I'll jump out of order here and share a not~so~funny~at~the~time but totally~funny~now story. The day before Thanksgiving we left Circus Circus in Reno and headed out for what usually is a 5 hour trip to Santa Cruz for the next part of our vacation. It took us over 10 hours and was so very not a fun day. Not only did we hit a ton of barely crawling traffic but we were all tired of being in the car and were quite moody (except for Jim who does not get moody, don't know how he does it!). We were all feeling a bit on the sick side too which does not make for a fun trip either.

Johnny had a bad earache and had been crying so we switched everyone around in the seats so that I was sitting in the vans middle row to comfort him. We took a dinner detour and were stuck in drive thru with a line of cars in front of us and behind us when Johnny yelled "I'm going to be blahhhhh" and hurled all over himself, the car seat, and his Mom. Here's the problem... I'm one of those people that seeing and smelling it makes my body react to it so that it is a great effort not to hurl as well. So we are stuck in drive thru with it all over the place and little we could do about it but try not to get sick also. That drama ended and was all cleaned up and we hit the road again (with everyone eating except me and Johnny who were both now sick). We got onto one of those stretches of freeway where there is nothing around when Johnny yelled out that he is going to be sick again. I grabbed a plastic grocery sack and threw it under his face to catch some of the goods and Jim swung quickly to the side of the road. I threw open the door and tossed out the sack and the still hurling boy and continued to fight the urge to join him. Gagging the whole time I helped to clean out the car. I was standing outside and had my back to the sliding door, cleaning inside, when I suddenly felt something wet falling on my head and down the back of my sweater. I had a sinking feeling I knew what happened and yelled out "It BETTER be raining!!!". I turned in time to see Jim holding the sack of Johnny's goods over my head. He had thought the sack just had dirty napkins in it we used to clean up the mess, not realizing that Johnny had used it for more. He was holding it over the top of the car (and over my head) thinking that he would toss it into the bags of luggage on the luggage rack not knowing that in doing so he was pouring out yuck on me! Gross!!! So for the next hour and a half I sat in the car with it in my hair (I had ripped the sweater off right away) smelling it all the way to the hotel and gagging the whole time. I told Jim that this was probably going to be very funny later but it's not yet! It is funny now that it is over, and yes... it sure wasn't funny at the time. Only a road trip can provide a "Remember that time you poured puke over my head?". Gotta love a road trip!

Disclaimer by Jim: "Just so you know I felt sooooo bad and didn't think it was funny at the time either."


Amanda said...

OH my.

Glad you made some memories, but I'm pretty sure even I could have lived without that!!! :~)

Ericka said...

oh. my. word.

Yes, that is definitely a 'funny story later' story.

That is one of those times where you just KNOW there is absolutely no one else in the world that could ever have this type of thing happen to them.

Bless your heart!

Anonymous said...



The Haiti Lady said... sorry to laugh at your expense. Some day, after A LOT of therapy, you will find it funny as well!
Love ya,