Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Dear Kyle!!!!

This is what 10 looks like (taken this morning)

He's finally done it. Finally hit the double digits in his age! I know this is the point that it seems like I should say "I can't believe he is already 10", but I don't feel that way with Kyle. He is always so mature way beyond his years that he has always seemed older then he is.

What a very precious gift this young man is to our family. He is sweet, thoughtful, smart, and so much fun! To know him is to absolutely love him. There are no words for how proud of him I am!

Today is a birthday which means at our academy SCHOOL IS CLOSED! No school, no chores, just fun all day long. Later tonight a family of some of our all time favorite people will be heading over for pizza, cake, and a wild and crazy game night. At the end of the night they have agreed to leave behind their son, and Kyle's best friend, for a TWO night sleep over. Tomorrow morning Kyle will receive his main birthday gift which is a trip to the San Diego zoo with just his Dad and best friend! Good times! Happy birthday dear son!!!


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Kyle!!!!

Double Digits...Cool Beans!

ali Luberto said...

Happy Birthday Kyle! You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Be blessed.

Amanda said...

Hey, I wanted to quickly message you, so you don't have to publish this comment...

No one has said anything on the yahoo group about going to Haiti, and I would dearly love to send Joshua's cribtoy for the holidays. Do you know an address that I could try and get it to him?


Amanda (