Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jacques and Vilner

Here is the most recent picture of Jacques we have received (thanks Kez!). We had not seen his face in a picture since we left Haiti 3 months ago so I was very excited to see this photo. I think Jacques is so amazing. He's smart, sweet, funny, kind... just terrific! We have been emailing each other letters a couple times a week and every time I get a letter from him I just want to hop on the next flight to Haiti! I'm happy to report that he continues to be doing very well. I know I have not posted a lot of updates on here regarding his adoption but it is only because we have had no updates. As far as we know his file continues to be in process in IBESR, so no changes yet at all. I look forward to being able to share some good news about his adoption soon!

We have no updates at all about Vilner. We are now moving along with life under the assumption that we will not be adopting him (at least not now). We have not heard anything at all since I saw him for the first time over a year ago. We've asked many times about him but our questions have always gone unanswered. It's a fine line between wanting to know what's going on and at the same time not wanting to put even the tiniest bit of pressure on their birth mom if she has changed her mind. We only know that he has not been brought into the orphanage and we can not get any information at all on him. We continue to pray for him, his Mom, and his new baby sibling.

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Amanda said...

Hoping you hear good news soon :~)