Monday, November 17, 2008

right hand

today i am learning to be a little more thankful for the gift of a right hand. this morning i burned my right hand in several places and have some gnarly blisters plus some gnarly pain. it is amazing to me how difficult it is to do things without the hand you are used to using. the little things are tough like brushing teeth, fixing hair, making dinner and you can forget about trying to eat corn with a fork... it's nearly impossible!
while it has not been a picnic, i still marvel at how blessed i am. yes it hurts, and yes it's inconvenient, but today i had access to as many pain killers as i fancy and ice packs to cool the pain all day long. many people around the world bare far worse pain without such luxuries. how my heart goes out to them today.

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Amanda said...

Ouch! That stinks!

That picture of you and Stephanie is amazing. She looks so GROWN UP.

I'm so sorry something happened to one of the kiddos. That stinks. I'm praying for Jacques' file this week. May it move, move, move!