Friday, November 14, 2008

What's worse then getting a shot?

Taking your child to get a shot when you know they don't want it. What's worse then taking your child for a shot when you know they don't want it? Taking SIX children for EIGHTEEN shots in ONE day! Ugh. I'm tired. ;) In follow up to the announcement that Stephanie is headed to public school: we went today to see her doctor and see if she needed to get caught up on any shots before starting school. She didn't need just one or two but 5! Poor girl is like her Mama and just hates needles. Then the doctor says that since we are all there he may as well order another round of shots for Jude and Lovenie too, which would put the total up to 15 shots. Not to stop there he said that all our kids needed the flu shot this year because getting a bad flu in the family could really put Stephanie at risk for some trouble with a health condition she has. So count in a shot each for Kyle, Johnny, and Luke too. Sure didn't see that all coming when I headed off to the doctors office with the kids! Have I mentioned HOW much I dislike needles? Have I mentioned how much I dislike holding down a screaming child while they get stuck with needles? I sure was proud of them all though for hanging tough and getting it done.

Afterwards we hit up Applebees for some deserts as a reward for their unexpected and unwelcomed twist to their day.

Just want to throw in a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing Mom~ The greatest woman I know. I hope you are having a fun birthday. God made this world a much more beautiful place when he created you and you are so very loved by us all!!

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Amanda said...

oh my goodness, that's ridiculous! poor kids! poor MOM!

The good news is that it's ALL OVER. Still, though, that was tough.