Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Day To Celebrate

Because I never ever want to take it for granted..... Praising God... Today I Am 20 months seizure free!!! WOO HOO!!!

Today is also the birthday of one of the greatest men ever born to this world... MY FATHER! I talked to him last week and laughed when the usual line came about from him "Hey, I've got a story for you." The story of course was hysterical, it always is. I'll attempt to share this one but not having been blessed with his gift for joke or story telling it won't be nearly as great~

A man came up to a pastor and asked him to pray for his hearing. The pastor willingly agreed and put one hand over the man's ear and used the other to apply oil to the man's forehead. After praying for him he asked the man how his hearing is now and the man said "I don't know, It's not until Monday at 9:00"

There is always, always, always a joke or funny story when you are with my Dad and I've never met a person that can deliver them as well as him either. He's always been such a sweet Dad to me. He used to take me out alone on many Father~daughter dates and I always had a blast with him and it was such an honor to have all his attention. He's just a really great man and I've never met another person that exudes as much life, love, and laughter as he does!

Last week we had to file with the state as a private school (one of the ways you can legally teach your children at home in CA). We wanted to come up with a new school name and started doing searches and making a list of the ones we liked. One website recommended you name your school after someone that is a hero to your family. After a unanimous family vote we are pleased to announce that we are now known as William Clay Christian Academy (my fathers name). He truly is a hero to us all because of the way he lives his life serving others and he is so very very loved by us! Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

Another big happening today~ Bryn leaves the kids at HFC and will be headed back to America for a while. There are sure to be a river of tears from her and the kids. What a HUGE blessing she has been to all of us with loved ones at HFC and she will be so missed. Please pray for her travels today but even more for her heart. It is no easy thing at all to walk away from those precious teens.

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