Saturday, November 15, 2008

Girls Day Out

Ah, today is a day I have waited a lifetime for. School shopping for a daughter!! The above photo is an excited Mom and excited daughter ready to head out and spend the day alone together while searching out the best bargains in town. I think I have found a "sport" that Stephanie and I both love. ;) We spent the first 2 hours in a local favorite store laughing, looking at everything in the store, and both of us trying on almost everything they had. Good times. When leaving there I called to check in with Jim and found out he was in the same area with all the other kids so we decided to meet up at a McDonalds. This was when the day got a little ugly! I won't go into the details but to say that I dropped my protective guard over the kids and one of them had something happen to them that still makes me just ill. The whole thing was just beyond crummy.

When we left there Stephanie and I were headed to another store to get the rest of the things we wanted to find for her. She is almost all set for school now and is so thrilled with her new wardrobe. We really had some great moments together today!


Alexandria said...

I love your picture. Thinking of you today, girl!

Ericka said...

I was watching the news this morning and wanted to check in to make sure you guys were ok.
I love your hair straight! It looks very chic!
I'm glad you girls had a good time (ah,wishing for the day :)
And I'm sorry to hear what happened to one of the kids. My heart dropped to my stomach :(
Lots of hugs!

Beka said...

That photo is a great view into your life with your daughter. Thanks for sharing! Glad you no longer live in Corona where the fires have wreaked such havoc.

Anonymous said...

You both look beyond relaxed and beautiful!

I think it must be attitude; I hated shopping for school clothes the first time I did it. I had a foster child. We received a generous amount of grant money for a new wardrobe for her and we were off...

She tried on clothes that were inappropriate for a 7 year old and loved them. I gave her something I thought would work better and she came out of the dressing room with the buttons mismatched, slouching and said, "See I told you it wouldn't fit right!" She wanted to buy all different color outfits. I wanted to coordinate her clothes so that they were mix and matchable.

And, when we finished, I called my mom and thanked her for having put up with me.