Monday, January 12, 2009

They Just Like Me More!!

Jim and I both got summonsed to Jury duty for Jan.26. Considering the fact that we are moving out of the area this Friday it would be a terribly long commute for us (as in 8 hours each way). There is a place on the summons that you can fill in and return if you are moving out of the county but you have to fill in your new permanent address and we won't have one by that time. So Jim gives them a call and asks what he should do and they tell him they will postpone his jury duty for 90 days and within that 90 days he must send them proof of our new address to be removed from their list. Not long after he makes that call I get my summons in the mail. Today I was looking at it and Jim told me about how I needed to also request it to be postponed and then send in proof. I don't know, sounds like too much effort to me. So I call the same number and very sweetly explain my situation and was told "No problem honey, we'll remove you from the list and there is nothing more you have to do." And then she offered me her best wishes on our move.

Jim couldn't believe how easily I got out of it. Meanwhile I danced around him, pointing my finger at him and nodding my head, and chanting at him about how much they like me more then they like him. The kids thought their Mom had gone insane(r) until they heard what happened and then joined in with a good hearty laugh at their Dad's expense. My joy diminished a little when Jim teased back with a "And you didn't bother mentioning that your HUSBAND was in the same situation?". Oh, I guess that would have been the nice thing to do. Nah, back to the laughing, dancing, and finger pointing!

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