Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Great Way to Start '09

This morning I was checking friend Kez's Blog when I found these beautiful pictures of Jacques. What a great way to start 2009! He had spent the day at the beach after Christmas with Kez and Family and a few friends. (Thanks SOOO Much Kez!!!!)

Our greatest hope of what 2009 might bring would be to have him come home to us soon!!!!

The next few days continue to be extra special events happening. Tonight we are expecting our very dear friends Paul and Ange and their precious 8 kids (going on 9) to roll in. They are a couple of our closest friends from Texas and we just can't wait to see them!!!! Two of Paul and Ange's kids are blood related cousins of Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie's and three others are good friends that they lived with in Haiti so it will be an extra special reunion!

Saturday is my 20-15th birthday! I'm looking forward to spending the day lounging around again at the Glen Ivy Spa . Which is one of my absolute favorite So. CA finds. If anyone wants to join me just let me know! Then that evening we are having over a few friends for a Casino night party. Should be VERY fun around here and what great ways to start the new year!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello and Happy Birthday! If you're going to be visiting Glen Ivy Hot Springs on your actual birthday, be sure to bring a valid ID and your admission will be free! I do hope you enjoy your time at the spa and wish you a happy and healthy 2009!


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