Thursday, January 08, 2009

Move On Count Down

It's starting to really sink in now that we are moving next week! It seems somewhat surreal because we have not packed or done much at all. We will be busy over the next few days wrapping up last minute things but for the most part our job is pretty easy. The packers come Tuesday and insist they can pack all our things in one day. Better them then me. ;) The movers will be here Wed and we will watch all our things head out the door. Thursday we have a cleaning service coming in to do the cleaning. Wed. & Thurs. we stay at a hotel here in So. Cal. and drive to our new adventure on Friday. Easy peazy!

I'll be busy with phone calls and getting all our utilities turned off. Then comes packing up anything and everything we are going to want between now and whenever we find a new home (clothes, entertainment, paperwork for adoption and taxes, school supplies, etc, etc).

The kids are all holding up well and excited about the move. They love hotels so the idea of hanging out in a hotel and eating out nearly everyday DELIGHTS them. We continue to be in awe of how God has provided in every single detail for this move. Feelin' kind of spoiled and looked out for. ;)

I'm less concerned with the move days and am much more excited about fast forwarding to Saturday the 17th. It is our 11th anniversary and we will be celebrating by jumping out of an airplane together. SOOOOO excited!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You are now certifiably CRAZY!!!! :)
Who in their right mind adopts kids, moves a bazillion times with grace and dignity and JUMPS OUT OF PLANES!!! Oh right, you do...good thing you don't have a right mind or you wouldn't have nearly as much fun as you do.

Mr Nice Guy said...

Still looking for that glue...

Amanda said...

Do you have a house already, I guess? You GO girl!

Have fun on your latest adventure!!