Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Grounded Celebration

We are here in our new adventureland! Our trip was great and we made it safely. The new job and new home hunt all begins this week. Pretty exciting stuff!

Yesterday we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. I feel so totally blessed and honored to be married to a guy that far exceeds all I could have hoped for in a husband and father to our children! The skydiving plan got the ax (again) for a few reason~ 1. I'm STILL sick, 2. The days forecast was for fog, and 3. The weather was cold on the ground, how much more freezing would it have been at such heights? So it sadly has been postponed until summer. :(

On a bright note~ We had a great date night, our first in almost six months! Jim's sister, Donna, was the first kind and brave soul to take on our six kids for an evening. It was so great to get out! We started out with dinner on the Santana Row at a restaurant called Citrus. The atmosphere and food were the kind that you remember for years to come. Oh wow! Afterwards we hit a ComedySportz club. Funny funny stuff. I had never been to one before. It's two teams of comedians that compete for the audience votes and points. It was a lot like the show Who's line is it anyways?. Good times. And now the adventure continues.....

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Amanda said...

Hope you had a wonderful anniversary and your move is going smoothly!!!