Friday, January 23, 2009

Report On Jacques

Today I received an update on the adoption of Jacques and it is the same news.... still in IBESR. This makes him there for 7.5 months. :( This is now even longer then we waited on Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie to exit IBESR. It's so very frustrating! We are also coming up on the two year mark since we requested to adopt Jacques. At the time Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie were still in IBESR so we were going to attempt to add Jacques and Vilner to the process and try to bring them all home at the same time. We were denied the adoptions of Jacques and Vilner and told to try again after the other three came home. So here we are almost 2 years later and we are stuck again. I'm amazed at how frustrating adoption can be. He wants to come home, we REALLY want him to come home, LET HIM COME HOME ALREADY!! The kids at HFC have also lost their internet so we are no longer even able to exchange emails with each other. Boy do I miss him!!!

In other updates: the new home search has been coming along okay. We may even decide on one by this weekend. My Mom called on Monday with a wonderful surprise. They now only live 2.5 hours away from us (it was about a 9 hour drive before we moved) and had offered to meet us half way on Monday night and take 3 of our kids for the week for us! Isn't she fantastic??!! This means I was in the hotel and house hunting this week with only 3 instead of 6 kids. Because both of my parents work during the day (my Mom from her home office) we agreed that we would send the oldest 3, Stephanie, Jude, and Kyle. But at the last moment before leaving Stephanie landed herself in a big heap of trouble and was pulled out of the lineup and her little brother Johnny was sent in her place. So Stephanie, Lovenie, and Luke are here with me and Kyle, Jude, and Johnny have been blissfully at Nana and Papa's house. We are going to try and look at a couple more houses tomorrow before picking them up and then it is time for them to come home to us at the hotel again.

Anyone have any great ideas on what to do with 6 kids at a hotel or where to go? We thought ahead and brought an extra tv to hook up their Wii to and that has helped with the entertainment. We could not find a hotel nearby that has a heated or indoor pool or that would have been hours of daily entertainment. Any suggestions??


Amanda said...

Hangin' there with you sister. I really, REALLY thought that this would be the month. :~( There's a week left...hope springs eternal.

I hope you find a house that you just absolutely LOVE. As for your hotel predicament...sounds like the only answer is to FIND a house. LOL pool! That must be ROUGH. They should be Wii experts by the time you're finished! Coloring books, card games, board games....books. A good book is always good. :~)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the guys in ISBR would be more motivated if you sent them chocolates. :-) (that would motive me)

Oh, goodness. 6 kids in a hotel. That would be rough!!


Mandy said...

Praying with & for you. I can say in all honesty "I know how you feel" regarding the IBESR wait. I thought every month (after about month three) this HAS to be the month.....and the update would come with the same old news "still in IBESR". I will pray God will overwhelm you with the peace it requires to sit and wait for His perfect timing.