Sunday, January 04, 2009

20-15 Party

(My wish was of course for Jacques to come home to us)

Yesterday we celebrated my 20-15th birthday! I spent the day lounging around the spa until I was so relaxed I could hardly function or think straight (now THAT'S relaxed!). While I was away Jim was at home working away on decorating and preparing for a Casino night birthday party. I rushed home in time to change my clothes and come downstairs to prepare to greet our friends. The night was filled with games (roulette, black jack, and craps), food (a nacho bar and lots and lots of sugar), laughter, and WONDERFUL friends that I will miss so much when we move! At the end of the casino play everyone cashed in their poker chips in exchange for raffle tickets. We then called off the raffle ticket numbers and the winner could come and choose their prize from a prize table. Very fun!

The party is, no doubt, over now though as I take a blog intermission to go clean up a child's hurlings. Good times!

In other news: Tomorrow Jim starts his last full week of work. Our move is coming up quickly! A couple nights ago we had the great joy of having Ange and family here. What a BLAST we had. There were 19 of us having a sleep over~ 4 adults and 15 kids. It was fantastic. I'll try to post pictures of our fun together soon.


Amanda said...

Man, that IS relaxed. Ahhhh. :~) Happy Birthday!!! Looks and sounds like you had a GREAT one :~)

CrashleyRose said...

your 20-15th birthday! I love it! happy birthday!

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