Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brain Freezes and Moving Days

Yesterday Jude got his first painful brain freeze while chugging down a berry smoothy. His reaction was so funny and he said something like "What was that?!" All the little firsts are still fun.

Everything is coming along okay with the move. So far I still think it will be one of our easiest moves yet. However, of course, SOMETHING has to happen or you can't really call it a move. Jim and I both have been sick. It started the few days before the packers and movers came when Jim and I needed to do a lot of our end of the work. It's so hard to force yourself to do what you know you have to do when you just don't feel like doing anything. But we were champs and got it done! As of last night our entire has was finished being packed and the movers had about half our things moved out. Today should be the final day for the movers to empty the house totally. Since we do not have access to our things we started our hotel stays last night. The hotel has an indoor pool to entertain our kids so they are happy. Jim's been overseeing everything going on at home while I take the 5 kids (Stephanie started back at school yesterday) on errands and anywhere else I can think of to keep them out of the way and from being bored.

Tomorrow the cleaning company comes to do a move out clean and then we are fini. Our days here are numbered and the number is little.


Mr Nice Guy said...

"Our days here are numbered and the number is little."


Amanda said...

So, are you moving from your town your in now, I'm assuming? School switcharoo? New house?

Fun stuff! Can't wait to hear all about it. Have fun in the hotel.

restorehaiti said...

Angela!!! I am so sorry I have taken so long to get back to you. The adoption process has been beyond slow. I think I have my hands so full with moving forward in the ministry in Haiti, that I have not been able to put in the time for the adoption. My little boy left me a message from Haiti this week. I almost lost control of the car when I heard his sweet little voice saying "Martha, you my momma, where you go?" The good news is I will see him in less than 30 days as I return to Haiti for more work in building the school and trying to solve the water problem in Quanaminthe. Perhaps the Lord wants me to finish this work first before ordaining the children to come live with me. He certainly has my hands full, but I will be faithful. Keep us in prayer and pray for a miracle and the seas to part that I may have my boys with me one fine day. Please keep in touch Angela! Your story inspires me. If you have anyone you can think of that can help us with our mission to help these 32 orphans and 1500 children in need of a new school, then please pass my blog to them. Funding is desperately needed. Those of us joining in the fight for restoration in Haiti, understand the need. God bless!

Martha Walker

Liya said...

You have a beautiful Family. I wish you to takecare of your family and house while shifting.Have good fun.Where are you shifting?