Thursday, January 15, 2009


When we moved years ago and ended our accounts with sbcglobal we had access to our email for 6 months after the end date. I made the mistake of assuming that verizon would be the same way, or at least give you SOME time. At Midnight... zip, nadda, no more... email has gone. I lost years of emails and all of my email addresses (and of course I didn't memorize any of them). All that to say... Could all my family and friends PLEASE shoot me an email to my temporary email address at ? No need to even add a subject or feel obligated to write me a note (unless you want to and then that would be totally great).

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blessedfamily said...

bummer! Hey I'm not sure why, but whenever I post a comment I get a bounce back from you sbcglobal email Perhaps a setting needs to be changed on the blog??

I dunno. Good Luck with email! Technology can SUCK sometimes!