Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tick, Tick, Tick

The month of June is here and the days are quickly ticking by, which is good! We anticipate this being the very last month without Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie in our home so the faster it goes~ the better! I've been given the advice many times of enjoying these last days and going out and doing fun things with our family. This is excellent advice except for the fact that we've been doing that for 3 YEARS now. ;) So we are ready for the change (I think).

Every morning Luke comes in to my room to give me "snuggle ups" (his words). I laid there wondering if Stephanie, Jude, or Lovenie will also give me snuggle ups in the mornings too. What will it be like to wake up to all six cute little faces?

Today we are expecting Jim's parents and their new puppy to arrive. Spending time with them for a few days will definitely help the time fly by. Next weekend we plan on having a Father's Day Celebration game night with our friends.

Next week our little Lovenie turns 4. I'll have to inform our friend Chuck E. that it just isn't going to happen again this year. I'll have to tell him "I know, I know, I told you next year for sure last year... and the year before that, and the year before that......

Then the month will go out with a bang when Luke turns 5 on the last day. Luke 5 and Lovenie 4? What happened to my babies???

I'm also still waiting for word from the DMV safety office that my license has been reinstated. I can't believe it is taking this long but really do expect it to happen within the next week. So I'll spend the rest of the month driving at every opportunity! I continue to be seizure free (14.5 months seizure free, 19 months of not driving) and am so ready to get behind the wheel again.

So hopefully these things will help the clock continue to tick by quickly!

If you think of it, I could use some prayer. I thought for sure I would end up in the ER yesterday. My neuralgia is hurting me again and I've been in an unbearable amount of pain. The surgeries I had a few years ago for this really helped but about every 6 months or so one side will get irritated and all the pain comes flooding back. Usually the only thing that stops the pain is going in and having them stick a sharp needle right into the nerve with a shot in the back of my head. Just imagine being in intense nerve pain and throwing in a sharp needle~~ OUCH! So with the help of way too many prescription pain killers, muscle relaxers, heat, ice, and massage I was able to stay out of the ER last night but I'm still in quite a bit of pain today. It would sure be great if I could hang out with my in-laws tonight instead of hanging out at the ER.


Beka said...

I am praying for you and hope your pain just gets less and less throughout the day. Maybe you will receive the long awaited news of a trip to Haiti this week. :-)

Ericka said...

ew, honey, that sounds terribly painful :(
AM SO hoping this is it. Done, Fini.... Fourth of July all together. That's kinda poignant, huh???
Hang in there :)

Alexandria said...

Hi chica,

I thought of you the other day and wanted to see how you are. I really bummed to read that you are hurting. Did your doctors ever try Kenalog injections? I had one of those the other day and it was Nirvana. I pray that you feel better soon.

Big Hug to you!


Rose Anne said...

I can't imagine the pain..
I pray that the Lord frees you from the pain and you are wellrested in the next few days before your babies finelly come home!
You need to find a good actupuctist- i know they have to have them around you- you would be amazed with the pain relieve that can be done by them....
God Bless,
Rose Anne