Monday, June 30, 2008

5 Years Ago Today

5 Years Ago today I was pretty miserable! It was a Monday morning and I was tired of being on hospital bed rest. My doctor had told me on Friday that they may or may not induce labor on Monday morning. Jim arrived before my doctor did and found that I had packed my things and had expected to be sent home. Much to my surprise the doctor had decided for the safety of me and our baby we would need to go ahead and deliver right away (3 weeks early). Just minutes before 6PM that evening we were given the gift of our darling Luke and our lives were to be changed again forever.

Photo above: The boys make cookie cutter pancakes for the start of an all day celebration

Happy Birthday Luke!!! You have brought so much love, fun, and laughter to our lives. We know without any doubt that God has really fantastic plans for your life!

We have some fun plans for our day. He's kind of getting a double celebration since we had a family day at Disneyland to celebrate last week also. Double the fun!


Amanda said...

Birthdays are AWESOME!! Happy Birthday to your son!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Luke!

PS the photos I see of him -- and the stories written about him make me think his personality is alot like his mother's :-)