Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thrill Seeking

You know how sometimes you have a dream that seems totally real? I had one this morning that was so fantastic that I didn't want to wake up. I've wanted to skydive for years and this morning I dreamed about it in great detail. The sensation of falling, falling, falling, the slight jerk of the parachute opening, and then floating to the ground. LOVED IT!!! When I told Jim about it he tried to take the cheap way out and say that now that I've experienced it I don't have to do it. NICE TRY! I just want to do it even more now. I've seriously considered it in the past but because I would be hit with a blast of cold air when I jump out (suddenly getting cold was a trigger for seizures in the past) we thought it best to wait. I'm well now so now I just need a good excuse to do it. ;) If anyone would like to contribute to the "Angela jumping out of a plane" fund please let me know!

I was telling the boys about it this morning and started reminiscing about thrills from the past: Ziplines, Flying through the air like superwoman, being shot up into the air in a bungee ball, rappelling down large rocks, and parasailing (I found parasailing to be surprisingly mellow). I'm just building up to the big jump. BRING IT ON! I hope I can dream of it again tonight!!!


Beka said...

To make a grand entrance, you should skydive over the orphanage where your children are and they would think you were the coolest mom ever. :-)

Your dream sounds a whole lot better than my dreams of late.

Angela said...

That would be SOOOO cool.

I hope your reality will be even better then your greatest dream (and very soon) my dear friend!

Amanda said...

Ok, now see, I just THOUGHT we had stuff in common!!! ;~)

You go girl with your thrill seeking antics. Me, I'm a two feet on the ground at all times kinda gal. My stomach flip-flopped at the sight of the parasailers when we visited Florida for the first time last year. LOL

Hey, I'm a complete dork btw, and my email box was full and I went crazy deleting afraid someone might send me a picture of my baby boy and my box be too full. Could you zap me your snail mail again pretty please?

I'll write it down this time.

Angelasparent said...

Sweetie; being a pilot, you know I have to say, "I don't know why anyone would want to leave a perfectly good airplane!" (When you get ready to jump let me know and I will contribute however I can; just don't tell my pilot friends!)

Love Dad