Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Little Lovenie!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful little girl. You have already changed our lives more then we could put into words. You are an amazingly strong girl that God has shown his glory in again and again and we know he has great plans for your life! Please come home to us soon.

This morning Bryn emailed me about plans her and Stephanie are working on to make this a special day for Lovenie. I'm so very thankful that they will be showing her extra kindness today.
Yesterday me and the boys decided to head to Disneyland for an early birthday celebration for her (how I wished she was with us!). We even visited Minnie Mouse's house and thought what a PERFECT little home it would make for Lovenie. So cute!
Big brothers on Minnie's Loveseat

Today we will attempt to make her a homemade birthday cake. The boys are really excited about baking it. Let's hope it turns out better then the one that was baking at Minnie's house! (video to come soon).

Sorry for any confusion from yesterday's post about the date. Lovenie's birthday is today. I was saying may June 12th come soon because I looked forward to getting past her birthday without her. So far I have a lot of peace about it. Knowing that Bryn and Stephanie are giving her such a special day really helps!



Amanda said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Lovenie!

Beka said...

I can't wait to see what birthday celebrations you will have next year at this time. :-)

The Haiti Lady said...

Cannot wait until you are home trying to run the roost!

Love always,
LeAnne The Haiti Lady

Anonymous said...


Oh how I wish Lovenie was home too. Birthdays and holidays are so hard for the waiting moms. Blessing to you. I do hope I will be hearing that you are traveling to Haiti soon!