Friday, June 27, 2008

More Birthday Celebration Moments

(These 1st two pictures are a bit out of order)
Me and my "baby". How did he grow up so fast?!

The boys play at the Lego store while waiting a LONG time for our turn at Rainforest Cafe

Luke's birthday celebration day included more then just building his gifts. We had a really full fun filled day!

Luke's choice of travel was by train.

We did get to ride a few rides too. Luke takes me on a bumpy bug ride.

Behind the wheel again. We spent a lot of time at Toon town.

We showed Cheety the sights of Downtown Disney

And ended our day at Rainforest Cafe

Luke makes a wish and blows out his candle before the Happy Birthday song is even finished. We hope all his wishes come true!

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Amanda said...

Happy Birthday To Your Gang!!!! Looks like fun times!!!