Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fast Forward???

It's already starting to really sink in. Tomorrow is Lovenie's 4th birthday and she won't be home again. That's 4 birthdays and all of them missed by us. I am beginning to make plans to make her a cake with her brothers. It is with a sense of dread that I head towards this day. On one hand it is a great time to really thank God for the precious and even miraculous gift of Lovenie and how much she has already changed our lives. On the other hand... it's just plain a drag to hit another milestone and miss it. So I brace myself knowing that tomorrow morning I will try and act like everything is okay while trying hard (and unsuccessfully) to suppress my sadness and disappointment. This is one of those times I wish I just had a fast forward button. I don't want to not acknowledge the special day and it being a special day makes it all the more difficult. I just need to pray my way through to June 12th when Lovenie's birthday is behind us and I can celebrate there (Lord Willing) never being another birthday missed. May June 12th come quickly!


Nadia said...

june 12th is actually thursday!

praying for you this week. I know how hard the wait is!

Beka said...

Ugh, my friend, the wait is so ugly but to miss those important milestones is just unbearable. I will be praying for you!

Amanda said...

Yeah, that's Thursday. I'll be praying for you especially during the next few days that God would help you through yet another birthday. Maybe you can have a special birthday call or something.

Just a few more weeks. Hold on!!

Thanks for being an encouragement to me!

Rose Anne said...

Lord help this Momma go through this last birthday with daughter not home with her!!! bring all of her children home as soon as you can! In your sons Holy name AMEN!

Angela, Hang in there it's only a few more weeks....
God Bless,
Rose Anne