Friday, June 27, 2008

Luke's Build-a-Birthday

Wednesday we had an early birthday celebration for Luke. If you know us at all you don't even have to ask where we celebrated~ Disneyland of course! We made it to Disneyland right at 8 AM (pretty impressive for a houseful of non-morning people) when it opened. The gift parts of his day were all about building something he loves. The first thing he made was a build-your-own light saber. We didn't even know this existed and Luke was SO excited!

The finished product- A two sided light saber. Red on one side, white on the other but the white end lights up and turns purple and the saber makes sounds just like a REAL light saber.

Luke battles the forces of evil in the Mickey Mouse Cartoon theater. Hey, you never know where evil will be!

Ready to fight the battle with the ultimate enemy. Of course this one was made out of Legos. Doesn't every great warrior bring a stuffed animal to battle with him?

The second gift Luke built was at Build a Bear. He had a blast picking out all the pieces that would go into making his new best friend:

An excited crew getting ready to assist the birthday boy.

Luke has picked out his favorite stuffed animal~ The Cheetah.

Luke stands by, waiting for his cheetah to be stuffed, while big brother Johnny drills the employee with questions. Someone's got to make sure he does it right!

Luke is placing the heart (after kissing it and making a wish) in his new furry friend

Gives him a bath

May we introduce to you the fiercest Pirate Cheetah in the world~
Cheety The Cheetah!
He almost became a beautiful princess in pink. Dad was happy when the Pirate costume was chosen instead. ;)

And our new friend is ready to experience Disneyland with us!

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