Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sharing our personal JOY:

I wanted to share with you all what brings us a great amount of joy! Today I received that once a month exciting email with the subject: Update. Instant Joy! The second photo is of our children. For those that do not know: These are our newest family members that are waiting for us at an orphanage in Haiti. They are Stephanie age 11 , Jude age 9 (in a couple weeks), and Lovenie age 2. Their paperwork is still stuck in IBESR which means we still have at least 2-3 months to go. No problem...all in God's timing is what it's all about!

Top photo: Here is another picture of our beautiful Stephanie. She is the one in white. She is with her girlfriends at the orphanage. Does anyone recognize these pretty girls? (they are being adopted by friends!)

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Anonymous said...

Aren't those the sweetest faces. I am so glad that they all have each other. My two girls are on the left, MeilaRose and MadyLene they are 5 and 7. I am SO glad that they are family and they get to be together. PLEASE LORD BRING OUR BABIES HOME!