Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Very Merry 1st Christmas (Early)

This morning we decided we would open our gifts to each other a little early instead of taking them to Arizona with us. It was so fun to have a special 1st Christmas morning alone at home together. I can still hardly believe that 6 of our kids are together this Christmas (still missing sweet Jacques) and yet at the same time it feel completely right that they would be here.

(Please excuse our just crawled out of bed looks...)
The first present is one for everyone to share.
A new WII game system. And the crowd went WILD

Lovebug opens her first ever Christmas present!

Luke is ready to take on the challenge. Doesn't the kid on the cover kind of look like him?

Oh Johnny... Always the funny and expressive one! He loves his Mario Kart.

I think Jude is just pleased not to get dolls again. ;) He kept asking me what he was getting for Christmas and I just kept telling him more dolls. Seriously though... Last year we held a fund raiser to take a Playstation 2, games, and a huge DVD collection for entertainment to the kids of HFC. The favorite game of the boys ended up being FIFA soccer. Jude recently shared with me that he never got to play it much because the big boys would only let the little boys play if they paid them with food. I was so disappointed to hear that the older boys had used this gift in this way. :( So now Jude has his very own FIFA game and can play it all he wants. Yeah Jude!

Kyle got the game he wanted too!

Our future amazing Chef got the Cooking Mama game. Now she can cook all she wants without messing up our kitchen. ;) It also will teach her how to make new foods~ just perfect!

The kids all good heartedly share in opening another gift for them to all share.

Oh Deer! Jim gets a gag gift that is a reindeer candy dispenser that dispenses round chocolate candy pieces from... well, the rear. Yes Gross but it made him laugh.

Lovenie dolls herself up with her Tinker bell trunk of costumes. She's so precious!

I got so spoiled with the perfect gifts from my husband and several of the kids even used their own money to buy me beautiful presents. So sweet.

What a beautiful pre-Christmas morning!

Tomorrow we load up in the van and head off to Arizona for Christmas with Jim's family! What fun. We wish you all a VERY VERY Merry Christmas!!!!


Tammy said...

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours! So thankful I found you!

Be safe traveling and enjoy your precious family!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!! Travel safely! It's a little chilly here.. probably not as cold elsewhere, but there is a chill in the air so bring some sweaters!

God Bless!

DotBlogger said...

Oh how super duper wonderful.
Thank you for documenting and sharing.

Hey, will you email me, I have a question that you and/or Steph might be able to answer for me regarding hair/scalp issues. :(

Anyone else reading this who wants to email me who might have tips and suggestions for me, feel free.

Thank you so much. My girls have severe dry scalp. It's been this way since before they came home (5 months ago).

Sorry if I'm breaking blog rules by asking for help on someone elses blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us peak into your pre-Christmas. And, while all your kids are gorgeous... Lovenie in her costume is just a hoot!

Amanda said...

Ya know what? I signed in as my mom apparently...that first comment by Tammy...that would be me! She was here all week last week. Hee hee.

So anyway...LOL

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