Thursday, December 04, 2008

Every Day Is A Circus

On our great big Thanksgiving Vacation we started out in Sacramento for a wonderful early Thanksgiving with Jim's family the weekend before Thanksgiving. My family was meeting up for a few days right before and during Thanksgiving so we had 3 nights in between to find something to do. I came up with the idea of very budget friendly Circus Circus in Reno. What a BLAST we had there together!

The Six pack with the loot they won from the carnival games

Jude won these cool sunglasses and two gold chain necklaces from the claw machine behind him. He was so excited!

Since the rooms at circus circus were terribly cheap we got two adjoining rooms and it was a fantastic set up for us. The first night we took the kids to the circus midway we met the manager. She was asking about our family and was so excited to hear that our kids were new to America. She welcomed them really warmly and then through out our stay kept giving us coupons for free carnival game plays. It ended up being about $70 worth of free plays for our kids, Sweet! We watched all of the different Circus performances and the kids were in awe. Jude and I have decided we want to be trapeze artists when we grow up. We binged on buffet food (because you MUST do that in Reno). We paid dearly for the binging as many of us were sick that night and the following day, but it sure was fun to see the kids thrilled with tons of food to choose from.

For fun family activities we took everyone to the movies to see Bolt. The kids loved it and I nearly got a few naps out of it. Another day we took them all bowling. What a great bonding game bowling is! We yelled and cheered each and every family member on. There were tons of high fives, jumping up and down, and even some hugs and twirls. Very fun.

The second night I put the kids to bed while Jim slipped away to the casino. He came back just minutes later (never a good sign). He had lost money quickly and decided it was not his night. I encouraged him to go have some fun and try again. I knew it was a good sign when he came back an hour later smiling. Thank you for the donation Circus Circus! The next/last night it was my turn to give it a try. I, like Jim, hit the craps table and had a blast. I also came back about an hour later with a smile and another donation from Circus Circus. Our combined wins were nothing life changing but came to about $260 which covered most of the costs of our activities during our stay with them. That was fun!

It was such a fun place to go with the family. I just got an email for a deal on rooms for only $19 a night at Circus Circus. If anyone is interested in the code to book this deal just let me know!

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