Monday, December 15, 2008

More Wonderful Memories Made

So it's been a week since I last blogged. Usually that is not a good sign and means I don't have something nice to say. ;) It's been a real tough last couple of weeks with one of our kids. So I'm happy to say that the sun is shining warmly on our family again so I can blog some happy moments!

This week I am single parenting. Jim left right after church service yesterday. When we said goodbye to him I mentioned that I would probably just take the kids home and relax. Yeah right! I sincerely meant it but we all should know by now that if I PLAN to do nothing the rebel (yes, even rebelling against my own ideas, weird right?) in me comes up with spontaneous outings and big days. I'm glad it did yesterday because we ended up having a much needed sweet day together!

When leaving church and heading home (you know.... like I thought I was going to do), the kids saw carnival rides as we passed by a beautiful and fun place called Tom Farms. Oh, I couldn't resist... the car made a u-turn nearly without any help from me and it took us back to go and indulge in a little fun. The kids were so excited!! Below are some pictures of the great fun we had. It is interesting that when I go on outings alone with the kids people seem to notice us more. I think it is the 1 adult to 6 kids ratio. We had so many people ask us questions about our family and we were shown a lot of kindness from strangers. The most common comment from yesterday was "Are ALL these kids yours?". Oh, if I could only figure out how to make money off that question we would be RICH RICH RICH!

Photo op moments:

Train ride:

Super Sliding:

Boat riding in just Lovenie's size:
Pony rides:

I was excited and amazed when Lovenie got on and rode the pony. Just a couple of months ago she would scream and scream at the sight of them.

Petting zoo: (Lovenie and Luke are both freaked out by animals and wanted nothing to do with this)

What a sweet day. It didn't end there as the fun continued on at home... but that is another post.


Amanda said...

I knew you guys had been dealing with the germie ickies...hope you're all better!

Your comment about technology making adoption, that was SO correct! Thanks for the reminder!

Looks like a good time and they should all be thankful they have such a spontaneous Mama!

Amy Brownell said...

Oh Lovenie looks especially darling on her pony! How sweet that she is conquering her fears slowly but surely. It also looks like she has a pink halo around her head. Too cute! Everyone looks like they are having a blast!

The Dohrenwends... said...

I love reading about how things are going with your adopted children...Our adoption from Haiti has not finalized yet (we're in MOI) but I love to hear about the happy and challenging times of life with adopted children. THanks for sharing!