Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kids Spa Day (at home)

Our children have been absolutely delightful these last few days. They have jumped in and helped with cleaning without even being asked. They have been thoughtful to each other. The bigger kids have been helping with their littler siblings. Just sweet sweet sweet.

So today to thank them I arranged a spa break for them when their school and chores were done. I sat them in a circle around a big tub of warm bubbly water to soak their feet in and served them warm chi latte tea. When they were done with that that were served M&M's. Afterwards the big kids gave the paraffin wax a try on their hands. They were challenged by putting their hands down in the hot wax and then thrilled to peel it off after it dried. To wrap things up I went around the circle drying their feet and rubbing in some cooling watermelon foot lotion that they all liked. I was really surprised HOW in to it they all were. They thanked me many times and repeated over and over about how much they loved it. I guess nearly everyone likes to be pampered, regardless of age. It was a joy to do with them and see their cute reactions to everything!

Jude checks out his white wax covered hands
The boys wait while the wax works it's magic on their hands. Our kids have the softest hands and sweetest smelling feet now!

Stephanie just got home from school and we reset the spa supplies and she got her very own spa time and loved it too.


Amanda said...

Ahhh...how nice. Wish I had a hand treatment...mine are all dry and scaly :~{ Good job, kiddos!

Chapter Two Manmi said...

Hi Angela,
I love it that you made a special time for your oldest too after school. If you want to check out my blog, I've just posted a couple times about our oldest daughter and some strategies that helped us during her difficult adjustment. There were times I didn't know if we'd make it; times I didn't know if she'd ever accept me; times I didn't feel love for her and felt such shame over that; times I was bruised and hurting...but with time, God's grace and some things we found that worked, I now have an amazingly loving and wonderful relationship with my daughter.
We've only been home a year and seen a lot of change. If you need to hear it...hang in there. It does get better.
Virtual hugs,
K at Chapter Two

Anonymous said...

Wax and kids. Boy are you a brave woman!