Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Big Birthday Bash with very Bad Parents

What fun it was to finally get to celebrate a birthday with Jude! It turned into a 2 Day Birthday extravaganza. His birthday was on Thanksgiving so all day we did fun things together and gave him his presents but the next day had special activities (riding a mechanical bull, bouncy pillow, banana bikes and more~ pictures coming soon), and his cake and ice cream.

When Jude stayed with my parents he pretended to be a Ninja the whole time and they called him Ninja Jude. This inspired them to give him the very cool Ninja costume (below) that he was thrilled to get and wore all day for his birthday/Thanksgiving~

Then he got to open our gift. Look at the super excited look on his face when he saw the box of the very cool scooter he really wanted~
Moments later when he actually opened the box he screamed and threw it across the room. Why? Because inside the box of his dream gift was not the shiny new scooter but 2 Barbie dolls. ;) We laughed and laughed and laughed at his reaction. He just shook his head and said "It's NOT funny". The whole time he had a big smile though. Ah, it's so fun to mess with him because his reactions are so great and he is always messing with us. He's a lot of fun!
In hopes of redeeming ourselves the actual scooter was taken out of it's hiding place and all was well again.

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Amanda said...

That's hilarious! I just LOVE Jude. He seems like such a fun little fellow!