Monday, December 22, 2008

Update On Jacques

Last week I just couldn't take the no news anymore so wrote the agency/orphanage staff and asked them if there has been any change with our paper work to adopt Jacques. Nope, nothing... still stuck in IBESR. That makes 6.5 months that his paper work has sat in their office now. :( Really missing him!!! The good news is that internet is said to be up and running again at HFC so maybe we will get an email from him again soon.

Last week at church I sat near and spoke with a man named Jacques that is from Haiti. I was nearly in tears the whole time. Both comforted by the thought that one day our Jacques will be here with us, sitting next to us in church, and saddened by the fact that he is not yet here.


Mandy said...

Oh Angela, I feel your pain & sadness! That is too long to be in IBESR. Praying for progress soon for you!!

Mr Nice Guy said...

I 110% feel your pain. :( Who ever said no news is good news?

(Hmm.. when did you write the office? Are they there this week?)

Merry Christmas!

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