Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What's our homeschooling day like?

As many of you know- We are in the process of adopting 3 children from Haiti ages 11, 9, and 2. A couple of days ago our 11 and 9 year olds, Stephanie and Jude, emailed us. They told us they wanted to know what their school would be like when they got here. I've tried to explain in past emails that I will be their teacher and they will be taught at home. They wanted to know more about what this would be like so we took these pictures to send to them. They are both in 1st grade and have only had the opportunity to go to school in the orphanage for less then 2 years. Before that they lived in the slums of Haiti (Cite Soleil) and school was not an option. So, whether your child is in public, private, or home school... Don't forget to thank God today that they have the opportunity they have!

I thought I would share these on the blog today for anyone that might be interested in what it is that we do. Everyday is different and we try to keep learning very fun but make sure that they are really learning as well! As you can see... one of the things we love is that we can wear whatever we want to school! Kyle's wearing summer clothes, Johnny is wearing sweats with a huge hole in the knee, and Luke dressed himself in a nice shirt and non-matching shorts. Notice that I'm not in the picture- I'm teaching in torn sweatpants, long john shirt, and a ponytail! We are grateful God has given us this way of schooling and hope that you have enjoyed sharing in it with us today. We live in California so to legally home school we are licensed with the state as a private school and the name of our school is Laughlin Christian Academy. The students in the pictures below are our biological sons- Kyle, age 8 and 3rd grade, Johnny, age 6 1st grade and mildly autistic (homeschooling is so good for him), and Luke age 3 and obviously pre-k but he can answer almost any questions his big brothers can about bible and science!

Subject: Bible- The kids are learning about Creation. This is a picture of the craft they made that went along with what they learned. Today during Bible we did a devotion on cooperation and then used books and curriculum from our new Hooked on Bible (by the makers of Hooked on Phonics).

Subject: English/ Language Arts- Kyle and Johnny working in English workbooks for their grade level while Luke practices writing his letters. To start English we do a MadLibs story together. These are not only fun but also have been great for teaching the kids parts of speech. Then we take a while to read some funny poems out of a children's poetry book. During English is also when Luke learns phonics and writing (Kyle and Johnny are both excellent readers!) For reading we use Hooked on Phonics, The Phonics game, as well as board games, computer games, and movies. Luke is already starting to read at 3 years old and knows all his letters and sounds.
Subject: Math- Today we started off math using a great website that the boys listen and watch while a teacher explains different things math related. Then it gives them a quiz. Today's lesson was on Probability. Kyle really got it and was excited about it. Afterwards the boys each worked in a math workbook for their grade level. We often use board games, flash cards, computer games and movies in "addition" (pun intended) to their workbooks.
Subject: Geography- Today the boys reviewed information about California and Oregon. We use flash cards, books, workbooks, and puzzles to teach Geography.

Subject: History- The picture is of the boys working on learning about America's 1st 8 Presidents. Kyle and Johnny have them all memorized and can tell you quite a bit of information about each one. Kyle also reads some great books on Historical events. We tried a few workbooks and found them to be too boring, so are using other sources- mostly books.

Starting off our day: The above picture is of the kids getting ready to start their school day. We always start it off with prayer and the kids take turns with their prayer requests. We always thank God for this opportunity to be together and to help us learn.

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