Sunday, March 25, 2007

Meet Jacques Obain

Jacques snuggling with a little girl at the orphanage. How could we not adore him?

We would like for you to meet a boy that has become very dear to us: Jacques Obain. He lives at Hope For the Children of Haiti. You can read more about his history on March 21st post of 3 teen boys looking for a home(on this blog). Jim and I are very seriously considering adopting him. We are praying and praying and waiting for God to make His will known to us. We are so seriously considering adopting him that we had a talk with our sons yesterday to find out how they would feel about having a much older brother. They were super excited about the idea! Today I got to sit down and talk alone with Johnny to make sure he really understood that hopefully in a few weeks from now he will have a new brother and two sisters. He seemed to really understand and is so excited. We talked some more about Jacques and he insists he would be excited to have him as a brother too. Then I asked Johnny how many brothers and sisters he would like to have. He kind of whispered to me "Well, I think it might be too many kids for our family" and I was thinking he meant like 10 siblings and I finally got him to tell me and he said "50 brothers and 50 sisters"! Okay, I think Johnny's okay with a houseful of siblings! Please pray for us as we seek answers from God about this very important decision!

If your interested in reading more about my thoughts about this decision check out my March 25th post titled "Okay, I know it's not "Logical" on my other blog at

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