Thursday, March 15, 2007

Last Blog for a while/Epilepsy Clinic

So this will likely be my last blog for a little over a week. I will be spending my week similar to the above picture. After 4 years we still are not sure what is causing my seizures so I will be checking into an Epilepsy center on Monday. Please pray for our family as our boys will be going to their Grandparents house in Arizona for the week (please pray that they won't exhaust Nana and Papa too much!). Then early Monday morning I will arrive extremely sleep deprived to check into the center. They will be hooking me up to all sorts of monitors (including video) and will try to trigger my seizures (not hard to do) and see if they can figure out what's going on. Jim is checking in with me and will be with me 24/7. We plan to spend the week watching tv, reading, playing games, and practising our Creole. Sounds like a vacation except for the seizure part (they usually make me hurt all over). I am scheduled to be there until Friday and we plan on picking up the kids on Saturday. Nana and Papa are good to us and meeting us half way so the drive is not so long.

This is what I figure I will be looking like by Friday! I can't shower because I'll be hooked up to so many things including the pads glued to my head. I've seen what these things can do to your hair after an hour of testing so imagine that it will be AT least as bad as the above picture at the end of 5 days!!!

Thanks for the prayers and I'll update as soon as I'm feeling up to it when we get back!
Much love, Angela


LeAnne said...

Praying for you and everyone while you are gone. I hope they find a reason for the seizures!
Hey, if everyone has to stare at you....enjoy NOT having to look gorgeous for it! ;-P
Love ya,


PRAYING for you.
love ya