Saturday, March 24, 2007

March update from Haiti

Every Month the orphanage sends us a picture of the kids and an update on their height and weight. Here is the one we woke up to this morning! They look so beautiful all dressed up! They are all growing and gaining weight which is a great sign. As a matter of fact... We have recently found out their sizes just to learn that we don't have clothes to fit Lovenie or Jude anymore. :)

The Orphanage physced me out a bit this morning. In the subject line was this: NEWS!!!!!!!!! So I thought for sure we were about to hear something great about the end of the adoption but when I checked it it was just our usual update with NO news about the adoption at all. Is it April 1st already and I didn't notice? You can give a waiting Adoptive Mom a heart attack putting that in the subject line!

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