Thursday, March 08, 2007

Gladys Dunn

Today's joke is from an email I got from my VERY funny friend that I blogged about before (Carrie). A couple of things make this joke extra funny to me because my father is a Pastor (not that this would ever happen to him) and that the friend that sent it to me has the same last name as the woman in the joke!!

Meet Gladys:

Gladys Dunn recently moved to a retirement community in a small town. One beautiful Sunday morning she walked to the church not far from her apartment. She was in awe of the lovely structure, as well as music from the choir. She wasn't too impressed, however, with the sermon. She thought it was rather uninspiring, and as she looked around the church, she noticed many of the parishioners nodding off. When the reverend finished he encouraged the congregation to greet those sitting next to them.
Gladys turned toward the man on her left, who had fallen asleep and was stretching trying to wake up. He smiled at her, and Gladys returned the smile.
She politely offered her hand and said, "I'm Gladys Dunn."
"You and me both!" the man replied.

INSPIRATION- MUST SEE: (also from Carrie, Thanks Carrie!)
If this does not inspire you.... nothing will!!! Take a few minutes to watch this short video. Have a tissue box nearby.

Here's to the Dad's in our families- We know there is nothing you wouldn't do for us:

Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galations 6:2

What do you call an underwater spy?

James Pond
(parents- you may need to explain this one with the generation gap and all!)

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