Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's a Boy!!

It's official! God couldn't be more clear as He confirmed to both my husband and I that He is calling us to adopt Jacques! We are so extremely excited!!! We will be speaking with the director of the orphanage next week to work out the details.
Please be in prayer for our family as we celebrate this very exciting and very big change: We know without any doubt that God has called us to this but that does not mean that all our family and friends have that same peace. Please pray that God would confirm it in their hearts just as He did in ours and remove any worries or concerns and allow for the excitement of what He is doing in our lives to take it's place! We know not everyone will understand but we know for certain that we are following God's lead and that's the most important thing to us.
Please pray for God's provisions: Jim has been so blessed by his new job as they continue to keep giving him raises quicker then we could have hoped for, and are talking about a big promotion soon too (today he's even moving into a bigger office..such fun). Also, around the time that we will bring Jacques home we should be completely out of debt and have a large amount more income once everything is paid off. So, we are not so much concerned with the day to day expenses of raising a large family but need provisions for the big things: It will probably cost around $13,000 to bring home Jacques and we don't have that hanging out in some bank account. Also, this additional family member officially puts our van past it's max and we will need to get a new vehicle before he gets home. We know God will work out these details and are really not worried about them, but would appriciate prayer that everything would fall into place according to God's plan.
Please pray also for Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie: Based on following other peoples adoption timelines we had really hoped our children would be home in April. However, I got an email from the orphanage this morning and were told our paper work is still in civil courts. We had really hoped that they would be out by now. After Civil courts we wait for passports which is currently taking around two months and then their Visa's and then home. So we almost certainly have around 3 months instead of one more to go. This is very disappointing and it seems like we have said, and honestly believed, every month that they will be home in the next month or two and we have been saying that for a year now so are getting pretty tired of it. We know it will happen in God's timing but that does not mean it isn't terribly hard to wait! We are now hoping that they will get home before Lovenie's birthday on June 11th..making this adoption a process that has been going on for over two years! We also ask for prayers for their little brother Vilner. We don't know if their birth Mom plans to put him up for adoption as well, or if it's God's plan for us to adopt him too but our hearts and minds are willing if God leads and provides.
We are so excited that God would bless us in this way and thank all of you for your prayers and sharing in our excitement. Much Love, Angela

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