Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back a few days early

I wish I had a picture of what I really did look like at the hospital. It was much funnier then any picture I could have found online. The Tech. that glued the electrodes to my head is sure to have a successful career as a comedian if he ever loses his job at the hospital! After gluing everything on he wrapped my whole head, even under my chin, in white gauze. He left two big chunks of hair sticking out of each side of the gauze and while we were talking with the doctor he was braiding those chunks of hair so that they stuck straight out of the sides of my head!! It was hysterical. I went from being a Mommy to being a Heidi Mummy!! Then we had to walk with him from one building to another and he would literally be stopping people in the hospital asking them what they thought of his masterpiece and taking us threw the emergency room where many people stared at me, and just about anywhere else he could think of with large numbers of people. He was sure he could embarrass me and I insisted he could not and he took that as a challenge and did his best but I just laughed. His name is Keo but I'm pretty sure he's Patch Adams undercover.

They were able to catch several seizure episodes on video and EEG and felt they were able to give a very good diagnosis. The Epilepticologist claimed that he thought I would be going without seizures in the very near future and could possibly even have my license back in the next 3-6 months. It was hard, exhausting, and painful but went even better then we had hoped (except for the hospital food...seriously bad)! We thank you all for your prayers and are giving God all the glory as we saw HIS hand in what was going on all through the process!!!

I'm glad to be back! Joyfully, Angela

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