Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Very Happy 6th Birthday!

A very big Happy 6th birthday to our darling Luke! He managed to get 3 different days of celebration this year~

This evening was our family birthday celebration. At Luke's request we dined at Pizza Hut. Then we returned home for SpongeBob cake and presents.

Earlier in the day we had a very special treat. Friends of ours came to see us during their move back to the US from Spain. The Brownwell family is one of the sweetest, funnest, and most adventurous families that we know. They have 3 daughters adopted from Haiti and the oldest, Kerline, was at NLL/HFC with our children. I had the honor of traveling with Kerline and her Mom as she was being brought home to America. What an honor that was! It was a sweet reunion.

Kerline and Lovenie~ Lovenie would not leave her side.

The Brownwell and Laughlin kids together. Just as soon as they left we all were saying we wished they would come right back and hang out with us some more!

Over the weekend we took the family for Luke's birthday activity request~ Glow in the dark miniature golf at Super Franks!~

Even before these celebrations, Luke had a little celebration at his Nana and Papa's house as well. One of the highlights was that 6 is the jackpot age that he is no longer, by law, needing to use a booster seat. He sat for the first time with only a belt buckle and grinned all the way to the pizza parlor. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's all grown up now. His presents were WII games he really wanted so the boys have been given permission to stay up all night playing together (as long as they are quiet enough to not wake up Mom and Dad)!

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