Thursday, June 11, 2009

Princess Lovenie turns 5

What happened to the little tiny girl we brought home just 10 months ago? She's all grown up and five years old now. What a very special and wonderful day when we at last get to hug, kiss, and spoil rotten our little Lovenie on her birthday!

We have some fun things planned for her today. These photos are from this morning before school. How fun is it to have your birthday on the last day of school?! Score, a double celebration today!!!


Anonymous said...

Angela, I wish you had been my mom. I would never even have thought to do anything like this. Did you do Lovenie's hair yourself?

Beverly is supposed to be in a wedding next April and I have started looking for pretting, formally girl styles.

Angela said...

Thanks so much! I did do her hair. She loves having her hair done and sits like an angel for me. I want pics of Beverly when she's all dolled up too!!!

Amanda said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Lovenie!!! What a special day it is!!!

Anonymous said...

She looks so OLD! I love her hair this way :-)