Monday, June 08, 2009

Family, Funeral, Friends, and Shopping

What a weekend! Seems more like we managed to cram a weeks worth of things into a couple of days. Last week Jim's Grandmother in Wisconsin passed away. We managed to get him a ticket for a flight there to be with his family. So happy he was able to go! I wish me and the kids could have gone too but last minute flights for 7 people.... yikes.

While he was away we decided to go on an adventure of our own. So we did our own packing and as soon as Jude was out of school on Friday we began our little road trip to my parent's house. This road trip was extra fun and special because we managed to talk my dear friend Juliette into coming with us. Oh the fun we had with her! We laughed, had serious talks, ate candy, and danced danced danced in the car. We may have been having a little too much fun because Jude asked us to quiet down a bit.

Time at my parents house is always a treat! Our kids prefer to see them even over going to Disneyland (now THAT is saying something). My parents even watched/spoiled all the kids by taking them out to ice cream and giving me and Juliette some shopping time! The town my parents live in has a cute little downtown area that is home to one of my all time favorite shops. It just does not get any girlier then this place. It's called La De Da and is jewelry, purses, shoes, etc. The good news bad news was that they are going out of business so everything was at clearance prices. Whew, did we ever score! Then we hit the second awesome girlie store, What To Wear, and picked out a couple of very unique pieces of clothing. Fun FUN stuff.

The adventure back home was just as much fun with more singing, dancing, and candy eating. We even had arranged for a lunch date with another dear friend that we had not seen in around 7 years. That was awesome!

It was great too to return home to Jim who beat us home and BBQ'd for us all. Now it's Monday and we are back to the grind. I really need to get motivated to work on arranging a home study update done for Jacques' adoption. I'm not a big fan of dealing with the adoption agencies but it needs to happen.

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