Monday, June 01, 2009

10 Months Ago

10 months ago today we brought home our three little Haitian Sensations. In some ways it seems like time has gone by so fast and in others it seems like the LOOOOOONGEST 10 months of my life. ;) Only because of all that has happened though.

Even after 10 months there are electric moments with the kids when I just look at them and am still in awe that they are really home. There are so many little moments like that with little Lovenie. Just to kiss her pumpkin face leaves me giddy with gladness that she is here. And Jude... oh boy, do I love this boy! Some of my favorite moments with him are at bedtime when I'm tucking him in. He lets me kiss his face again and again and give him lots of hugs. At the end of the day he often tells me that I'm the greatest mother ever. Sweet!

Hang in there dear friends that are waiting for their home comings. It really does happen and it won't be long until you are saying "I can't believe they are really home!"

I couldn't imagine our lives without these darling kids!

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Amanda said...

thank you for this encouragement...i'm beginning to drop off of my "high" of thinking we'd be out of IBESR by now...***sigh***