Monday, June 01, 2009

How Could I NOT Have Fallen?

Often when I talk to people about trips to Haiti I hear the comment "I would want to bring them all home!" I usually laugh and then explain that I thought I would feel that way too. However, every time I've gone I have never met a child and came back home feeling as if I was supposed to adopt them. I've had a strong connection to the children we were adopting. I've always enjoyed loving on all the other babies, and pray for homes for them too... but just never had a "connection" with any of them. Well, that's all changed now! Meet little, darling, adorable, baby Thomas~

After just rolling onto his tummy for the first time!
Sucking on his big toe. A trick I was very impressed with.

Just being precious.

When I went to say goodbye to him he was sleeping so I just took this farewell photo. It's just as well, it was hard enough saying goodbye!
Now, before anyone gets any funny ideas.... Thomas is possibly spoken for by another family. I'm so thrilled to know he will be going to a loving home! However it did not keep me from falling crazy in love with this little baby. I hope one day to know his new family. I have so many pictures and videos from my time with him I would love to share. I hardly ever had him out of my arms the whole time of my visit. He's just way beyond precious!!!
The day I left we were at the airport getting ready to have our bags searched when Keith whispered to me that it was time to confess if I had stuffed Thomas away in one of my carry on's (something I threatened to do many times). If I could of I would have. ;)

This video is just a glimpse of the many moments we spent together. If you were there you most certainly would have fallen in love with him too~

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Rose Anne said...

I know what you mean, When i went the first time to visit my S I wanted to stick him in my carry on really badly....

God Bless...
Rose Anne