Wednesday, February 11, 2009

School fun, frustrations, and triumphs

We are settled in a bit more and as of today we are enjoying a stable internet hook up. Woo Hoo! The last week or so has been pretty tied up in trying to figure out what to do with each of our children regarding school and then jumping through hoops and hitting some brick walls. Stephanie started her new school last Thursday and is enjoying it so far. It took quite a bit of effort to get her enrolled as they wouldn't let her start until she had another round of shots. The whole thing was a little silly since she already has had two rounds of immunizations and certainly has it well in her system. We had to scramble to set up our new insurance and rush her in for the shots. I ended up there with her for hours because they took a look at her last shots and said that she was given the wrong shot last time so could not get some of the shots the school said she needed. Oh boy! So I didn't leave there until I had a doctors note in hand saying that there was no reason Stephanie should not be enrolled in school. We hadn't even left the medical office, after getting this letter, that the school called and said they had decided to go ahead and let her start without the additional shots. Gee, that news sure would have been nice to hear THREE HOURS AGO! ;) Then we went and got her school bus pass and were shocked to learn that it was $300 per semester. Are you kidding me? So I gulped and paid it. After riding the bus just 2 times we got a letter saying that due to budget cuts they may be ending the bus rides as soon as next week. That news would have been real nice to know $300 AGO!

Meanwhile Kyle, Johnny, and Jude had finished their school curriculum for the year and are ready to graduate to the next school year. We ordered their fantastic private school curriculum just to find that it is way too difficult for Jude to do until his reading and English comprehension is much improved. So we considered signing him up for public school too so that he could take advantage of their ELL program. I took him to the nearest elementary school just to find out that their school is FULL and we would have to send him elsewhere. Also because his birth certificate says he is 11 (while we suspect he is no older then 9, although we refer to him as 10, REALLY clear, right?) they would start him in a much higher grade then would be good for him. So back home he is for now while we try to decide what to do. For now I'll continue to home school him the best I can. We also have tried to sign up Lovenie for a special preschool where she can receive speech therapy. We think this would be great for her but can't get anyone to return our inquiries.

Today Kyle has official become and 5th grader and Jude and Johnny have started 3rd grade. Luke continues with his 1st to 2nd grade work and I've started some preschool on my own with Lovenie. It's going to take a while to get everyone settled with their new school work. Until then I expect to continue to be pulled a bit like taffy running back and forth between the calls of "Mooooooommmm, Can you help me please?".

All things considered we are doing well. We've had a couple good days with Stephanie and each one of those we consider to be a great gift. I will be starting counseling soon to help me learn the best ways to parent her. We are also planning to get her in soon to seek both medical and psychiatric help for her. We suspect that we are dealing with mental delays as well as RAD and PTS, possibly more. More days then not I feel tempted to just throw my hands up and "give up" but God's the glue holding us together and that's some SERIOUS glue!


Anonymous said...

Please look into ! It is a christian based program for children with traumatic beginnings. It has saved my family! I think they are doing seminars in CA soon! The seminars really bring it home. Seeking help for you is so important! You aren't alone! I will continue to pray!



Anonymous said...

I just checked and Beyond Consequences Live is coming to CA on the 20th and 21st. It will change your life forever!

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at

I have two children with RAD

Amanda said...

OH Girl. If they take the bus away, I would TOTALLY march my happy little hiney into the office and demand my 300 dollars back, FOR SURE.

(heehee...southern attitude for ya)

Poor Stephanie. I'm praying for you all.

ange said...

I do love the beyond consequences book. I can send you my copy if you like. I does truly help to understand a bit of why they react the way they do.
I am here, really Paul and I have talked and WE ARE HERE for you and for her!
Respite in Texas means you have to come see us ;)
love you and praying for your family

Anonymous said...

So good to see your back on, Angela. Wow --- what a wirlwind you're going thru! One adoptive parent told me recently (after dealing with her RAD child), "you think you're going to get the child home and it is all about the child. But, really, God is doing the real work in you (the parent)." Since I'm not an adoptive parent, I can't say I know this is true, but it has made me wonder what you other adoptive parents think. I'm so glad you're going to counseling. Please keep us posted on what you are learning there....