Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Adventures In Transition

During our time between our previous home and finding our new one we played "vacation" as much as possible in our new area. You may notice that there are more pictures of our newest family members then our other children. This is only because I'm working on an album for their birthmom and was watching for photo ops for that. Here are some of our adventures:

Living only 3 hours away instead of 9 we got to meet up with my parents twice~

We took a tour of the Jelly Belly Factory and came home with 6 pounds of "Belly Flops"~

We went to the San Jose Children's Museum~

This explains a few things!

I LOVE my Sweetheart!

Seriously, Could she be any more precious?!

We spent the day in San Francisco at Pier 39~

As happy as six kids in a candy shoppe!

Jim always gets roped into going on stage. This juggler is trying to knock the cigar out of his mouth but of course he misses again and again and knocks Jim in the head with the paddle ball. The kids and I laugh and laugh. All part of our tobacco free family plan!

Such a goofball!

And even got to go to the under the ocean aquarium~

Petting sharks and other sea creatures~

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Amanda said...

looks like good times! what a fun place to live!